Benches and Cedar Chests

amish handcrafted wood furniture in dining room
1lwb lattice weave bench

1LWB Lattice Weave Bench

1lwbc lattice weave bench

1LWBC Lattice Weave Bench

3lwh lattice weave hall seat

3LWH Lattice Weave Hall Seat

2lwd lattice weave drawer

2LWD Lattice Weave Drawer

4ldb locker drawer bench

4LDB Locker Drawer Bench

8wf westfield bend

8WF Westfield Bend

9hmb heirloom mission bench

9HMB Heirloom Mission Bench

20sb sleigh bench

20SB Sleigh Bench

30dmb mission bench 2 door

30DMB Mission Bench 2 Door

31dmb lift lid mission bench

31DMB Lift Lid Mission Bench

32mod modesto bench 2 door

32MOD Modesto Bench 2 Door

40wab wrap around bench

40WAB Wrap Around Bench

48bh bay hill trestle bench

48BH Bay Hill Trestle Bench

48cm classic mission trestle bench

48CM Classic Mission Trestle Bench

48ct carlisle trestle bench

48CT Carlisle Trestle Bench

48ht harvest trestle bench

48HT Harvest Trestle Bench

48lb locker bench

48LB Locker Bench

48mod modesto trestle bench

48MOD Modesto Trestle Bench

48mt mission trestle benchx

48MT Mission Trestle Benchx

48tb traditional trestle bench

48TB Traditional Trestle Bench

50rv royal village bench

50RV Royal Village Bench

55rh royal heritage bench

55RH Royal Heritage Bench

60msb mission slat bench

60MSB Mission Slat Bench

61msb mission slat bench

61MSB Mission Slat Bench

70hb heritage bench

70HB Heritage Bench

80bb buckboard bench

80BB Buckboard Bench

200 baltimore hall seat

200 Baltimore Hall Seat

203 shaker hall seat

203 Shaker Hall Seat

204 rustic hall bench

204 Rustic Hall Bench

205 elena hall tree

205 Elena Hall Tree

207 country hall seat

207 Country Hall Seat

209 ellis hall seat

209 Ellis Hall Seat

210 modesto hall seat

210 Modesto Hall Seat

211 hamptonl hall seat

211 Hamptonl Hall Seat

212 carolina hall seat

212 Carolina Hall Seat

213 bridgeport hall seat

213 Bridgeport Hall Seat

214 glenwood hall seat

214 Glenwood Hall Seat

215 brookestone hall seat

215 Brookestone Hall Seat

443 2in scallop box bench

443 2in Scallop Box Bench

444 shaker chair rail bench w cushion

444 Shaker Chair Rail Bench w Cushion

444 shaker chair rail bench

444 Shaker Chair Rail Bench

6038 6 royal mission low back

6038 6 Royal Mission Low Back

6038 12 lowback royal mission bench

6038 12 Lowback Royal Mission Bench

6148 6 royal mission

6148 6 Royal Mission

6148 12 royal mission bench

6148 12 Royal Mission Bench

6238 6 regular mission bench

6238 6 Regular Mission Bench

6238 12 reg mission

6238 12 Reg Mission

6338 12 low back mission

6338 12 low back Mission

6438 12 brookline bench

6438 12 Brookline Bench

6538 12 bay hill bench

6538 12 Bay Hill Bench

6638 12 carlisle bench

6638 12 Carlisle Bench

6748 6 west village

6748 6 West Village

6838 12 west lake bench

6838 12 West Lake Bench

938 12 modesto bench

938 12 Modesto Bench

6948 6 modesto bench

6948 6 Modesto Bench

7048 6 cranbrook

7048 6 Cranbrook

10236 sheaf bow bench

10236 Sheaf Bow Bench

10336 bent pdle bw bnch w strge

10336 Bent Pdle BW Bnch w Strge

10336 ns bent paddle bw bnch

10336 NS Bent Paddle BW Bnch

10436 bent feather bow bench

10436 Bent Feather Bow Bench

10436 ns bent feather no storage

10436 NS Bent Feather No Storage

10536 hoosier bench

10536 Hoosier Bench

10748 royal arrow acorn bench

10748 Royal Arrow Acorn Bench

10836 post paddle bench

10836 Post Paddle Bench

20124 raised panel hall seat

20124 Raised Panel Hall Seat

20224 mission hall seat narrow

20224 Mission Hall Seat Narrow

20630 classic mission hall seat

20630 Classic Mission Hall Seat

20824 heritage mission hall tree

20824 Heritage Mission Hall Tree

30136 country spindle bench

30136 Country Spindle Bench

30236 Sunrise Rsd Pnl Bnch 11In

30236 Sunrise Rsd Pnl Bnch 11In

30336 slat back bench 12in

30336 Slat Back Bench 12In

30440 sunrise spindle bench 11in

30440 Sunrise Spindle Bench 11In

70138 waterfall cedar chest

70138 Waterfall Cedar Chest

70448 classic cedar chest

70448 Classic Cedar Chest

70538 raised panel cedar chest

70538 Raised Panel Cedar Chest

70648 shaker cedar chest

70648 Shaker Cedar Chest

70738 mission cedar chest

70738 Mission Cedar Chest

70938 triple raised cedar chest

70938 Triple Raised Cedar Chest

71038 classic mission cedar chest

71038 Classic Mission Cedar Chest

71148 dovetail cedar chest

71148 Dovetail Cedar Chest

71238 cathedral cedar chest

71238 Cathedral Cedar Chest

71338fl trunk flat lid

71338Fl Trunk Flat Lid

71338rl trunk round lid

71338Rl Trunk Round Lid

71438 modesto cedar chest

71438 Modesto Cedar Chest

71538 royal heritage cedar chest

71538 Royal Heritage Cedar Chest

71638 carlisle cedar chest

71638 Carlisle Cedar Chest

arlington storage bench

Arlington Storage Bench

arts crafts bench 4ft

Arts Crafts Bench 4Ft

attached fabric seat

Attached Fabric Seat

beaumont bench 36 in

Beaumont Bench 36 In

camden bench 4ft

Camden Bench 4ft

carlisle bench 4ft

Carlisle Bench 4ft

charlston bench 4ft

Charlston Bench 4ft

craftsman mission bench

Craftsman Mission Bench

gallery bench

Gallery Bench

hamlet bench

Hamlet Bench

jordan mission bench

Jordan Bench

jumbo mission hall tree

Jumbo Mission Hall Tree

leslin hallseat

Leslin Hallseat

mission hall tree

Mission Hall Tree

removable loose cushion

Removable Loose Cushion

shaker chair rail bench with cushion

Shaker Chair Rail Bench with Cushion

standard hall tree

Standard Hall Tree

stick mission 10 storage

Stick Mission 10 Storage